19 August 2010

Yes, But Will It Star Tom Cruise?

I own an iPhone. It is my Brain. It is also my main source of entertainment, especially with game ... especially with Angry Birds. I have completed all of the levels that are currently available with the highest 3-star rating. I have unlocked all of the currently available easter eggs. Simply stated, I love this game. So imagine my excitement when I read that Rovio is fishing for a studio to make this wildly entertaining game into a movie.

I'm all behind this idea. The game has a basic plot - birds have eggs, pigs steal eggs, birds rain avian vengeance on pigs - which lends itself to multiple story directions. Seriously ... this would be hard to screw up. I mean, you'd have to be a talent of epic proportions to make a mess of an Angry Birds movie.

If you haven't played the game or even heard of it before (and if that's the case, what cave do you live in?), here is the official game trailer.

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