12 August 2010

Wicked Awful Storm (UPDATED)

I live in the city but I work in NoVA. The storm that ravaged Montgomery County and NW DC this morning hadn't hit River East when I left for work this morning. But if my experience driving in it is any indication, it wasn't a fun storm by any means.

I expect that we'll see plenty of news stories today about how many people lost power this morning and how horrible the morning rush hour was, especially north of the city. Gauging by the radar image at weather.com, this particular storm cell should be out of the area by 08:30. This afternoon should be interesting.

Here's to hoping that this storm wasn't too rough on the D.C. Metro area.

UPDATE: 08/12/2010 11:57: I suppose I was being a bit too optimistic in my hopes that the D.C. area would be mostly spared by this morning's storm.

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