04 August 2010

Enough With The Fads Already!

First it was burgers. Then it was cupcakes. Now popsicles? Dear God/Jesus/Mary/Joseph/and-all-the-Saints-in-heaven NO-O-O-O-O-O!

But, Diarist, popsicles are wonderful!

Yes, they are. And here is why I'm completely against this newest of District stupidity:
Every day, the Dairy Godmother sells seven flavors, each priced at $2.36.


Milk and cream come from the Trickling Springs Creamery in Pennsylvania; its fruit comes from the Mount Pleasant Farmers Market, where Horowitz and Sykora began hawking their $2.50 pops on July 3.


Potenza offers a $5 pop made with limoncello, grappa and a dash of lemon bitters, and Saint-Ex has an elderflower "poptail."
$2.36 ... $2.50 ... 5$ for a popsicle? C'mon, people, some things just aren't supposed to be gourmet. And frozen flavored water on a stick is definitely one of them.

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