31 October 2011

Bonus Halloween Music Video: Doing It All For My Baby By Huey Lewis And The News

Okay okay okay. So the song isn't technically Halloween-like. But the music video for it certainly is. It pays homage to, I think, just about every B-movie cliché ever done. Plus this was during the golden years of music videos, when artists didn't take themselves nearly as seriously or cynically as they do now.

So sit back, grab some popcorn, turn the lights down, and enjoy!

Happy Halloween!

28 October 2011

Music Video Friday: Zombie Jamboree (Back To Back) By Harry Belafonte

I know it's late in the day for this but I promise you'll enjoy it for the next four days.

(Yeah, I know the video sucks.)

Happy Halloween!

24 October 2011

Thoughts On "Upscale Karaoke"

On Friday, I read an article on TBD by Jenny Rogers titled "The art of upscale karaoke". It's a good filler piece for the online publication. And it rankled my feathers.
To bring more high-end, upscale polish to this activity of the stars, the W promises plenty of Top 40 song options and the presence of Tommy McFly, host of Fresh 94.7’s morning show.
I had an immediate reflexive reaction. But now that I've had some time to think about it, it still upsets me. See, I can't help but be reminded that I live in Washington DC. And in this city, "upscale" means
[...] chattering women in straight-from-work pencil skirts and sharp dresses, juggling iPhones and martini glasses. Guys in ties [...]
And all of that reeks of pretension and self-importance. "Upscale" doesn't have to mean people in fashionable evening wear sipping on martinis and singing to Top 40 hits at a production hosted by a morning radio show personality on the rooftop of a very fancy hotel steps from the White House.

We have fashionably-dressed people. We have Top 40 hits in our song collection. We serve martinis. We have a personable host. We have a friendly staff. We have seating. We stage lighting. We have wireless microphones and a sound system that draws world-class DJ talent. We have a very talented group of regulars.

What we don't have is a rooftop venue. And a fancy hotel. And steps from the White House.

Does that make us any less "upscale"?

Maybe I'm so possessive and protective of Wednesday Night Karaoke at Cobalt that I imagine slights where there are none. It's not like she's been to every karaoke venue in the area. She certainly has never been to WNKC.

But hopefully she will one Wednesday soon.

UPDATE 10/27/2011 13:02: Uh oh ... I've been called out. Guess I'll need to put up or shut up.

21 October 2011

Music Video Friday: Bohemian Rhapsody By William Shatner Feat. John Wetton

Remember when I said this a couple of years ago? Well, I still stand by what I said about that album and that song wholeheartedly. It would be a shining gem in anyone's music collection.

When I heard that Mr. Shatner was working on a follow-up album, I was cautiously optimistic. Perhaps, I thought to myself, he has learned from Ben Folds how to craft a solid music album built on original songs that play to his vocal strengths, a talented surrounding cast, and a visionary producer that will best utilize his limited talents.

But, Bill, you've quickly eroded any faith I may have had that your previous album was a fluke. Please, PLEASE, tell me that the rest of your new album isn't as nightmare-provoking as this:

14 October 2011

Music Video Friday: Muppet Numbers

In honor of an upcoming national theatrical release, I offer to you these classics:

Some Judo And Karate

I'd Trade 'Em All

High On A Hill Was A Lonely Goatherd

Animal, Keep It Down!

No, No, No, I Don't Work With A Deadly Tarantula

And, finally, arguably the funniest bit in all The Muppet Show!

07 October 2011

Music Video Friday: Eyes By Kaskade Featuring Mindy Gledhill

Until two years ago, I hadn't really heard of Kaskade. I may have heard a song of his or a remix he had done, but I wouldn't have known it. Over the past two years, my boyfriend has slowly introduced me to the music of Kaskade and I've become a fan.

Today's musical interlude is the first single off his soon-to-be-released album. The instrumental track is soothing, foot-tapping, and hypnotic. In short, it's all the good things that a Kaskade's underlying groove has to offer. Mindy Gledhill's vocals are wispy and dreamlike. She delivers the lyrics with a sweet, naïve (in a good way) aching that pulls you in like a gentle tide.

Eyes may indeed be the windows to the soul but ears are the channel to it.