07 December 2010

Summoning The Great Old Ones?

I think Billy Joel gets a bad rap. Yes, his brand of music can be uninspired (see 52nd Street) and, at times, tedious (see the appropriately named Fantasies & Delusions). But he has also put out several very solid albums (see this, this, and this). Plus his string of hits is nothing to scoff at and one that today's artists wish they could have.

Still, Gizmodo put up a post today that I honestly have no argument against. And it got me thinking about Joel's music and a far more, and deeply secret, nefarious reason for his music's popularity.

Perhaps the years of Billy Joel ringing in our ears and throughout our brains, building upon itself slowly, is actually a hymn ... a calling, if you will ... to The Great Priest, who lies dreaming in his house.

In which case, well played, Mr. Joel. Well played.