15 September 2009

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This is by far one of my most favorite commercials of all time. Wouldn't you agree, Tuffie?

Random Music Tuesday: "She Wolf" by Shakira

Releasing her third English album and her sixth album overall, Shakira has completely transformed herself from a gritty girl rocker to a sultry dance-pop sex kitten. To quote the artist, this song is about "a more animalistic side of you, a more primitive side … an animal person in a way, So when you understand these things you forgive yourself every time you screw up, you say, It wasn’t me, that was the she wolf … that was the animal in me, that wasn’t me, I have nothing to do with that".

Um, okay.

So it doesn't really matter what the song is about. What matters is the music. And the music is quite catchy. If you haven't heard it, here it is. Take a quick listen.

My only beef with the song, and the one part that cracks me up inside, is that pathetic excuse for a howl in the chorus. Really, Shakira? You're a friggin' she wolf. Let it out! Let it out! Let it out! If you don't know how to, take the following ... the textbook, the master, the one any future howlists should try to emulate.

Warren Zevon - Werewolves of London

14 September 2009

R.I.P., Patrick Swayze

Patrick Swayze died tonight of pancreatic cancer.

I may get some ribbing for this, but I liked Patrick Swayze. He was one of those actors who showed equal parts strength and vulnerability. I think he was one of the more underrated actors because he happened to get typecast after "Dirty Dancing" and "Ghost". But just read the reviews of Swayze's performance in "The Beast" and you'll see that he wasn't just a romantic lead. In fact, he never took himself too seriously. Which leads me to one of my most favorite Patrick Swayze moments ... one that involved a certain TV show, a certain physical comedy actor, and a certain night club.

Vaya con Dios, Mr. Swayze.

Dear Washington Capitals

Thank you for my 2009-2010 Season Tickets. They came in on Thursday and I am ecstatic to have them! I remember when my 2008-2009 Season Tickets came in. They arrived via UPS in one of their plastic envelopes; inside were the tickets, a letter from you thanking me for being a fan, and a wonderfully useful shoulder bag (perfect for a sleep-over or a jaunt through the city.

This year's tickets, as you know, came in a large UPS box. The box had a good deal of heft on it. Then I opened the box and found within it another box. And it pretty box it was too!

I was so excited to receive this box! Whatever could be inside? A keepsake ornament? A metal box in which to keep this year's tickets? A t-shirt? I opened the box and found ... a piece of filler paper and this ...

No keepsake ornament. No metal box in which to keep this year's tickets. No t-shirt. Just the filler paper, the letter, the guide, and the tickets.

Now, I'm not the most environmentally conscious person on the planet, but even I can see what a waste this packaging was. Why did you send such small items in such a large box? That doesn't make any sense, especially not from an organization that has lately been priding itself with its lack of waste.

Why, Washington Capitals? Why?!

If you read this (and I know you don't) and if you'll take my advice (which I know you won't), PLEASE do not do this again in the future. For one, it's extremely wasteful. For two, after raising the expectations of the season ticket buyer who has received the package, it's a big disappointment to your fans.

The Diarist

11 September 2009

This Infamous Day

Today is the eleventh of September. You probably already knew that, unless of course you live life without calendars or are so far removed from civilization that time holds no meaning to you. This day will be filled with tributes on the television, over the radio, and across the Internet to those who fell in those terrorist attacks in New York City, Arlington/DC, and Stonycreek Township.

Last year, I wrote a remembrance to that horrible day eight years ago. I had written a tribute every year and I honestly thought about skipping a tribute this year. I couldn't see the point of rehashing and reliving that day. I couldn't find a reason for posting something. Besides, I couldn't think of anything more to add to what I've already said.

Except this.

Time has a nasty habit of dimming the memory, of easing the sense of urgency, of numbing the pain. With each year that passes, I fear that we lose the harsh, cruel lessons we learned on that day.

And for that reason I post this. That day is as real to me now as it was then. I haven't forgotten. I hope you never do either.