14 September 2009

Dear Washington Capitals

Thank you for my 2009-2010 Season Tickets. They came in on Thursday and I am ecstatic to have them! I remember when my 2008-2009 Season Tickets came in. They arrived via UPS in one of their plastic envelopes; inside were the tickets, a letter from you thanking me for being a fan, and a wonderfully useful shoulder bag (perfect for a sleep-over or a jaunt through the city.

This year's tickets, as you know, came in a large UPS box. The box had a good deal of heft on it. Then I opened the box and found within it another box. And it pretty box it was too!

I was so excited to receive this box! Whatever could be inside? A keepsake ornament? A metal box in which to keep this year's tickets? A t-shirt? I opened the box and found ... a piece of filler paper and this ...

No keepsake ornament. No metal box in which to keep this year's tickets. No t-shirt. Just the filler paper, the letter, the guide, and the tickets.

Now, I'm not the most environmentally conscious person on the planet, but even I can see what a waste this packaging was. Why did you send such small items in such a large box? That doesn't make any sense, especially not from an organization that has lately been priding itself with its lack of waste.

Why, Washington Capitals? Why?!

If you read this (and I know you don't) and if you'll take my advice (which I know you won't), PLEASE do not do this again in the future. For one, it's extremely wasteful. For two, after raising the expectations of the season ticket buyer who has received the package, it's a big disappointment to your fans.

The Diarist

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