23 October 2008

14 October 2008

Inching Away From Freedom

Well, they've gone and done it now, America!

Congratulations! We're all proud part-owners of nine of our leading, independent, non-struggling banks!

Yep. Our government pretty much strong-armed them into selling "non-voting" shares to itself. The Bush Administration is trying to ease the minds of people like me who think that this continued government intrusion into the private sector's business is deeply troubling by telling us that its latest moves are "not intended to take over the free market but to preserve it".

Uh huh. Right.

When healthy banks have to be "pressured" by our government to participate in order to remove "any stigma that might be associated with banks getting bailouts" ... kids, that ain't a good thing.

Additionally, I challenge one of my faithful readers to name something that our government has taken from us only to later return it back to us.

Yeah. Me neither.

Ronald Reagan once famously said, "The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help.'" I tend to agree with him.

13 October 2008

A Third Bush Term? Perhaps, But Not From Who You Think!

Democratic Party Presidential candidate Barack Obama has made it a centerpiece of his campaign to define a John McCain presidency as a "third Bush term". It's a point that tends to stick, well, because McCain would continue some of Bush's policies, such as the war on terrorism. No one, it seems, has looked into Obama's proposed policies and compared them to Bush's current policies.

No one until now.

This, my faithful readers, is why you should be an informed voter. This is why you should make voting decisions based on more than one policy position. This is why, in this election, there is no lesser of two evils.

Because ... trust ... your man isn't any better than the other party's man.

09 October 2008

This Year's Election

I have lost my faith in the ability of the American people to make sound decisions. If they had the capability, we would not be left with John McCain, Barack Obama, Bob Barr, and Ralph Nader as our choices for Presidential candidates. While Barr and Nader weren't voted into their positions (they more or less anointed themselves due to a lack of interest from anyone else in their respective parties), McCain and Obama were. And shame on you Republicans and Democrats. You had far better choices in your primaries than these two posers. But you were all too swept away by "change" and "experience" to notice the other better choices.

Aw well. We're in the shitter now, so it really doesn't matter who we elect. They won't have the power to right the Good Ship America in the span of four years anyway. Even if they had the gumption (and they don't), they have a strongly liberal Congress with whom to contend. Don't get too excited there, Democrats; remember that Bill Clinton didn't do too well when you all had both houses of Congress and the Presidency. Hell, even George W. Bush knows that one-party rule doesn't equate policy success. So it's looking like either we'll become a bankrupt capitalist nation or we'll become a financially solvent socialist nation. Either way, I fear that America as we know her is gone.

Our government has no business owning anything in the private sector. It shouldn't be in insurance. It shouldn't be in mortgage lending. It shouldn't be in health care. It shouldn't be in real estate. And it shouldn't be in banking.

But that's where it is and that's where it's going. Less freedom and choice for you, more power and control for Big Government.

I fear for the direction in which our country could head, regardless of who you people elect President.


Oh, all that and my Ward is going to re-elect Marion Barry.

Stupid Americans.

Yet Another Reason Why I Love Craig Ferguson

He has Tim Gunn hosting a regular spot on his show (sixth link down).

Friggin' awesome!