09 October 2008

This Year's Election

I have lost my faith in the ability of the American people to make sound decisions. If they had the capability, we would not be left with John McCain, Barack Obama, Bob Barr, and Ralph Nader as our choices for Presidential candidates. While Barr and Nader weren't voted into their positions (they more or less anointed themselves due to a lack of interest from anyone else in their respective parties), McCain and Obama were. And shame on you Republicans and Democrats. You had far better choices in your primaries than these two posers. But you were all too swept away by "change" and "experience" to notice the other better choices.

Aw well. We're in the shitter now, so it really doesn't matter who we elect. They won't have the power to right the Good Ship America in the span of four years anyway. Even if they had the gumption (and they don't), they have a strongly liberal Congress with whom to contend. Don't get too excited there, Democrats; remember that Bill Clinton didn't do too well when you all had both houses of Congress and the Presidency. Hell, even George W. Bush knows that one-party rule doesn't equate policy success. So it's looking like either we'll become a bankrupt capitalist nation or we'll become a financially solvent socialist nation. Either way, I fear that America as we know her is gone.

Our government has no business owning anything in the private sector. It shouldn't be in insurance. It shouldn't be in mortgage lending. It shouldn't be in health care. It shouldn't be in real estate. And it shouldn't be in banking.

But that's where it is and that's where it's going. Less freedom and choice for you, more power and control for Big Government.

I fear for the direction in which our country could head, regardless of who you people elect President.


Oh, all that and my Ward is going to re-elect Marion Barry.

Stupid Americans.


Dirty said...

Nice rant Robbie!

I don't want that dumbass chick sarah palin in office, so i'm def voting BLUE. I gotta vote for the lessor of two evils. And poor Obama, look at the fuckin mess he's got to take on when he gets in the office..iMean wow!

:* ~ BeSoS

James said...

Hey Man! Sorry I haven't dropped by to read your musings for a few weeks. So I just happened to read through this particular entry today, and thought that I'd make an appeal to you: Please don't be too pessimistic -- just yet. Let's give our eventual president a chance to prove himself. We don't know these men as executors; but rather as legislators who have to base decisions on the views of their party, the views of their coalition in the senate, and the influence and feedback from their constituents. In this time leading up to his election and inauguration, as well as a little probationary period thereafter, I would hope everyone gives our eventual president an opportunity to show what he can do. This has been a long and hard-fought election, and I don't know of anyone who's not ready for November 4/5, if not January 21, to get here. But these past eight years, as well as this long election cycle, have engaged and energized a huge new generation of voters to speak out for change, transparency, and accountability. I really want our next president to have a chance to give those voters those things and more. Both major candidates promised that, and now owe it to these voters; it's going to be that much harder if we've already given up on them both before the polls have even opened.