30 July 2010

MOVA Is Moving ... Hopefully To Oblivion

D.C. gay bar MOVA, formerly known as Halo, is planning to move to a new but undetermined location in D.C., according to owner Babak Movahedi.
Mr. Movahedi says that the rent is too high and the landlord has refused to renegotiate a new deal. The landlord, David Lett, counters that "Movahedi’s assertion that he declined to enter into discussions over a possible change in the lease" is total bunk. According to Mr. Lett, "Movahedi violated the lease when he failed to pay the property tax on the building, which was a requirement of the lease". Having known both men in capacity enough to judge their character, I'm inclined to believe Mr. Lett's word.

Congress To Leave The Oversight Business (Sort Of)

Well, this news seemed to come out of nowhere.
House Democrats are pushing this year to give the District full control over how it budgets and spends city revenue, severely limiting opportunities for Congress to intervene in local decisions such as support for same-sex marriage, needle-exchange programs and medical marijuana.
Now, don't go getting your knickers in a bunch. Despite the misleading article title, Congress will not be completely striped from D.C. budget oversight.
Congress still would have the power to enact laws on the District and block new legislation approved by the council, and would have oversight of federal money earmarked for the city.
I honestly think this is a perfectly appropriate compromise in advancing further autonomy for the District. Kudos to U.S. Rep. José E. Serrano for putting this out there!

29 July 2010

Now You Know Where You Are, Where You Are Going, And What You're Looking At

Gizmodo is my first stop for all news techie. They cover a lot of gearhead ground, from breaking technical news to product reviews to absolute nonsense. And their daily deals post is not to be missed. Contributor Kyle VanHemert posted an exciting item regarding our very own American Museum of Natural History. If you love museums (and specifically this one), this should send a thrill up your leg.
After downloading the app on your own device or borrowing an iPod touch from the museum, you'll find that figuring out where you're going is just the start—you can also let Explorer guide you on preplanned tours or select from a list of exhibits and specimens to plot your own route through the museum.
As one who has been to this museum more times than he can count, I'm very much looking forward to going back and experiencing the American Museum of Natural History anew with this new tool. I certainly hope that the Smithsonian Institution makes more applications like this for some of its other museums that can be a tad overwhelming to slough through (*coughAirandSpaceMuseumcough*).

Must. Have.

Jimmie at The Sundries Shack found something very pretty. And I must have it.

Here is more information on the game (check out the voice cast!). Here is the official website. And it can be pre-ordered on Amazon.com. *drool*

UPDATE (07/30/2010 00:08): It appears that Viacom is cracking down on the cinematic trailer. I've updated the one here with a copy they haven't hit yet.

28 July 2010

Mid-Week Pick-Me-Up - The Finale!

This is the last one, I promise. And you're welcome for the earworms.

Mid-Week Pick-Me-Up Is Winding Down

Um, Diarist, are you okay?


Mid-Week Pick-Me-Up A-Thon

This sort of goes against a vow I once made about playing a certain artist, but it's Craig so why not?

Additional Mid-Week Pick-Me-Up

Yep. I think you all can see how this day of posting is going to go.

Mid-Week Pick-Me-Up Continues

The Ferguson-a-thon continues ...

More Mid-Week Pick-Me-Up

Really, my faithful readers. I'm having a rough time getting motivated today. So here's another video to help us along!

Mid-Week Pick-Me-Up

If you're anything like me, Wednesdays can be more Mountain Day than Hump Day. I'm always looking for ways to give it life, to have it move, to give it more of a prominent place amongst the days of the week. No matter how hard I try, how far I look, how much I do, it always comes down to this:

Craig Ferguson. Puppets. Michael Franti & Spearhead. A groovin' black man. An infectious beat. A short guy in leather.

And now I'm ready to tackle the day.

27 July 2010

A Washington Post Article Causes A Double-Take

The Washington Post published an article today highlighting a local businessman, focusing mostly on his successful *local* chain of gyms. I have several friends who work out at one of his various locations and hear nothing but good things about Vida Fitness so you will get no snark from me over it, him, or this article.

But I did find it a bit comical that someone with intimate knowledge of Near Southeast was ... how to put this ... caught a bit off-guard at the announcement of a new Vida at Navy Yard, The Yards, or anywhere else in the neighborhood for that matter.
Without anything else to go on--and with no neighborhood projects currently touting a 2013 delivery date--we'll just have to wait and see which developer cops to being in talks with Vida.
It will be interesting to see if Mr. von Storch has been in secret negotiations with one of the neighborhood developers to bring a Vida to the area (or if this expansion is as big a surprise to them as well). It certainly would be yet another slap in the face of his soon-to-be-former tenant, who set up shop close to Near Southeast almost ten years ago.

It's For My Glaucoma. Really.

It's official, the District has joined fourteen states in legalizing medical marijuana. Well, technically, D.C. made it legal back in May; Congress will make it legal for D.C. to make it legal at the end of the current Congressional session Monday night by opting to do nothing about it.
Medical marijuana is now legal in the District after the Democrat-controlled Congress declined to overrule a D.C Council bill that allows the city to set up as many as eight dispensaries where chronically ill patients can purchase the drug.
So rejoice, you who suffer chronic (or is that cronic?) pain! Take heart, you who are terminally ill (or is that ill?)! But be afeared, those entrepreneurs who might try to make a quick buck because, while possession and use will be permitted with a prescription, growing the ganga will still be illegal.

26 July 2010

Monday, Monday ... Can't Blog That Day

There's really nothing in the news I care to blog about today.

I'm a bit tired of hearing about the two-way race for D.C. mayor.

The original location of Ledo Restaurant is closing, but that would only be news if it weren't moving to a new location nearby (so the site is actually closing, not the restaurant ... *yawn*).

Then there were those storms yesterday and what seems like half of the Washington Metropolitan Area lost power. But, again, it would only be news (and thus blogworthy) if no one lost power.

DDOT released a ton of old photos of D.C., which are very cool. (Well, history is cool.) Last week's news, though. (Still cool, though.)

Anyway, it's a Monday. Enjoy the links.

23 July 2010

Busy Day At DCPS

After months of relative silence, Chancellor Rhee has gotten busy again. First, she trims some fat from the school system then she announces some voucher changes. Now, I'm not saying that she's tying up loose ends but one can't help but wonder if she's pushing toward a deadline.

Bang! Pow! Boom!

I love me some video games. I especially love me some FPS games. My singular complaint with the FPS market (specifically the PlayStation FPS market) is that you're still shooting with something that isn't a gun, which can make FPS games a bit challenging.

Well, that looks to soon be remedied and, I have to say, I like the solution.

So, my birthday is right around the corner. Surely some of you can pool your monies together and get this for me, yes?

22 July 2010

Burning Bush Not A Sign From God

Okay, okay. I know! This story is not funny. Someone actually getting hurt is not funny. Nearly going blind is not funny.

But someone personally purchasing something called a firestick plant for his landscaping, pruning said plant, and immediately rubbing his eyes before thoroughly washing his hands ... c'mon, that's the kind of stuff that's just made for television.

So here's a lesson for you home gardeners: When gardening, wash your hands before touching your face ... or any other sensitive part of your body. (Surely that could have been one of the commandments.)

Get Your Grub On!

Restaurant Week is coming!

The summer-time version is slated for August 16-22, 2010. Here are some very helpful suggestions for you:
  • Pick a highly rated, expensive place where you would not otherwise eat. This is the whole point of Restaurant Week. Well, that and helping out local charities.
  • Make your reservations now! The best places book quickly.
  • Take your favorite peeps along. Seriously. Restaurant Week is one of those times you want to share with other people. When else will you all get to be all gussied up and enjoy fine food prepared by the best of the best? Exactly.
  • Don't rush yourself. You're going to be in a restaurant you otherwise couldn't afford. Enjoy your time there. Relish it. Soak it all in.

Caption This

I saw this picture on The Washington Times website and thought this should make for some entertaining captions by my faithful readers. (Hello? Is anyone out there?) So have at it.

Allow me to start:

"$787 billion in tax dollars spent on jump-starting the economy with nothing to show. Unemployment is at 9.6%, despite my promise to keep it under 8%. Iran is brashly pursuing nuclear weapons. Health insurance reform is the law of the land all across America, against the will of the American people. My Justice Department is suing the state of Arizona while letting the New Black Panther Party off Scot free. Not bad for a couple years' work."

20 July 2010

Is This Bizarro World?

I don't even know what to think about this bit of news.
Former Mayor Anthony A. Williams joined Mayor Adrian M. Fenty and Council member Jim Graham Tuesday morning in Columbia Heights for the unveiling of a commemorative plaque in honor of all three of them and the nonprofit that helped make DCUSA possible.

But the event in the lobby of the building anchored by Target resembled a campaign endorsement of Fenty (D) and Graham (D-Ward 1).
I admit that Mayor Fenty has done some fine work during his tenure as mayor. He also has some worrisome errors in judgment and ethical missteps that paint a troubling portrait for the future should he be reelected. The only thing Gray detractors say against him is that we don't know enough about him to know how he will actually lead the city should he be elected ... that we still have too many questions about him that need answering.

And, yes, we don't really know how Mr. Gray will behave, should he be elected. Will the improvements started during the Williams Administration continue to move along smoothly, or will they be weighted down by consensus-building? Will the city government go back to the days of corruption and ineptness? Will the District become the Crime Capital of the nation once again? Will the public school system fall back to its pre-Williams days? Will the city become the model for public transportation or will needed improvements like bike lanes and streetcars be scuttled?

Mr. Gray needs to continue engaging "new media" folk and continue making himself available to the public in order to make himself more real to the voters. Because, as a friend put it to me recently, the city will "vote for the known evil".

16 July 2010

Week-End Reading

Here's some of today's news for you reading enjoyment.
  • The house is a-rockin' ...: I'm sure you're heard or read (or felt) all about this morning's excitement by now. The rumblings weren't detected at Diary Central but that might be because The Diarist is a heavy sleeper.
  • New major development in SE living: The Washington City Paper is reporting that the run-down Skyland Shopping Center's days are numbered. The site is currently home to an AutoZone, Blimpie's, CVS, USPS warehouse, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Hill Top Cleaners, New York Fried Chicken, Murry's, Shoe City, Squashallbeefs Sports, Sports Zone, Kelly's Carry-Out, Discount Mart, Field's Music, Beauty World, and Alabama Express Liquor. We'd rather that this hadn't been the Charlie Foxtrot that it's been the past 10 years, but we are glad that Middle River East is finally getting some much needed redevelopment.

14 July 2010

Shoes On Other Feet

A common Liberal talking point is to paint conservatives as racist. Yes, some within the Republican party have made bigoted comments. But it seems often all that it takes to get one painted as a racist is to show any push-back to Obama, his agenda, or his policies. It's a good thing that the Democrats run such a tight ship, keeping their party members in line with the Liberal vision of a new America.

Huh? What's that?
It's interesting that Obama's flagging numbers on the economy have been driven not by white Republicans or white Independents but rather by white Democrats.

Since April, white Democratic approval of Obama's handling of the economy is down 20 points, from 80 percent to 60 percent. And, nearly as many white Democrats now strongly disapprove of how he's dealing with the issue as those who strongly approve (25 strongly disapprove; 28 strongly approve).
Hmm. I wonder how this narrative is going to fit into the Liberal propaganda machine?

Have You Heard The One About ...

Okay, here's an oldie-but-goodie for you:
Q: Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

A: The party-pooping scientist!

Letterman Takes On iPhone Issues

Last night, David Letterman's Top 10 list took on Apple's iPhone 4 issues.

What does this have to do with D.C.? Well, nothing at all ... but you knew I would find a connection somehow. I honed in on Number 6 and thought that this wasn't so much a sign that you purchased a bad iPhone than you purchased the Limited-Edition Achmed iPhone. (This entertainer was filmed at the Warner Theatre ... ah-HA!)

One More Obstacle Down

Yep, kids, you can't stop progress, no matter how hard you try. Now, sing along with me!

Why Waste Your Time Doing The Same-Ol'-Same-Ol'?

Anytime these people want to come punk a real karaoke joint, they are more than welcome. Members of the cast of Les Misérables and The Altar Boyz as well as one of the most prolific recording artists alive have already paid us multiple visits. We know how to handle you entertainment types. So c'mon - we're ready with open arms for any other celebs to pay us a visit.

13 July 2010

The Problem With Mandates

It's one thing to demand a significant and expensive change. It's another to refuse to pay for the changes you demand.
A new storm water management fee is costing commercial property holders in the District, but the city's largest property owner and the instigator of the levy -- the federal government -- has suggested it is exempt.


D.C. Water said it expected the federal government, as the largest property owner in the city, to owe $2.1 million in fiscal 2010, the first full year of billing, and $3.2 million in 2011, about 19 percent of what the utility needs to collect that year.

D.C. Water, formerly known as WASA, is mandated to improve the system by a federal consent decree it agreed to in 2003 after being sued by the Environmental Protection Agency and environmental advocates.
The GAO apparently believes that this $2.1 million tab is a tax. Bumpkiss. It's a bill. The District is has to pay for the upgrades and, like any reasonable entity, is passing a portion of the fees to its customers.

Worse comes to worst, the GAO could find a way to roll the amount due into currently available funding and call it a day.

We Need More, Not Less

We Love DC is reporting that the Townhouse Safeway at 1800 20th Street, NW will be closing on 07 August 2010.

I have shopped in this store, especially when I worked for a small law office nearby. It was great for a lunch-time stop, for when I needed office snacks, or for when I needed to grab something to make for dinner that night. There is a lot of value in neighborhoods having small "boutique" grocery stores like this. Yes, you will have far more selection in your full-sized stores. But, in a city environment, those stores are really only practical for major grocery shopping days. Neighborhoods need these little corner stores for the day-to-day needs.

I agree if a major retailer is the one running the store the prices should be in line with the full-service stores, all company-specific discounts (read: club cards) should be honored, and a good mix of necessities should be kept on hand. It's a shame that Safeway couldn't make this trial work (and expand on it). They seriously whiffed at the plate here.

My One Glaring Gripe With Washington, D.C.

You won't learn my political affiliation here. I'm not sure that more than three people in my life actually know how I'm registered. What I will tell you about my political philosophy is this: strength and progress comes from having many voices in the room. Differing points of views, dissenting opinions, and constructive arguments is how we get what is best for the community as a whole. Nothing good comes from echo chambers.

This has been the District's major flaw since Home Rule and will continue to be so long as District residents cling to a party that has consistently failed them, with very few exceptions.

The Democratic Party has gripped the city's government in a stranglehold that would make most of the world's governing regimes blush. The city has seen five mayors since self-governance ... all of them Democrat (though one of them governed like he was a Republican). All seven Council Chairmen have been Democrat. Over half of the At-Large Councilmembers have been Democrat. All individual Ward Councilmembers have been Democrat. Out of the thirteen current City Councilmembers, two are Independent (with very left-leaning tendencies to the point that they might as well be Democrats).

Where is the diversity of ideas? Where is the public discourse that only comes from multi-party governance? Where is the exchange of ideas necessary for the internal checks and balances of representative government?

What has been so great about this Democratic rule that we, the city, allow them to keep control?

Please, somebody tell me. Because all I've seen in my short life has been backroom dealings, cronyism, and other such "entitled" behaviors from those who are supposed to be working for us, not lording over us.

Look, I know that not all Democrats are bad public servants. I also know that primates have the ability to write masterpieces and that non-Timex watches can tell time ... sometimes we get lucky and put good people into office.

But it would be nice if we, the residents of the District of Columbia, try something different. Look at all of the candidates running for office, not just the Democratic ones. Judge them by what they say they will do for us. Hold them to those promises. And stop electing people based on their party affiliation or what they did decades ago or the fact that they're the longest serving member on the Council currently.

Let's get some real diversity in our city government. Let's get a real exchange of ideas and solutions. Let's make our local media cover all of the candidates so that we, as the voting public, can make truly informed decisions on who we want in our government.

Let's make our government work for us, with our best interests in mind. Let's have a government as diverse as our city is becoming. Let's be the model and the envy of the world.

12 July 2010

Finish Him!

The new Mortal Kombat game will have all the blood, all the violence, all the special moves, and all the fatalities we've come to know and love of the series.

Plus, it's introducing a new friendship move!

I Hope You're Well-Stocked

So, this is how the zombie apocalypse begins.
"We're glad that everyone is alive, despite being 'undead'," Sgt. Stewart said.
Guess I'll be loading up on bottled water, ammunition, and SPAM tonight.

And Now For Something Completely Different!

I figured that I should give you a feel-good story today to balance my other offerings. So, here it is:

"Soccer's octopus oracle Paul to retire"
Paul, the octopus who became a pop culture sensation by correctly predicting the outcome of as many World Cup matches as he has legs - all seven of Germany's games plus the Spain-Netherlands final - is going to retire.
You really couldn't ask for much more after a performance that would make Nostradamus blush. Well, I guess he could go into entertainment ... nah.

Hurray! Sustainable ... Clothing?

Okay, if this doesn't gross you out, then I doubt very much would.
Using a bathtub mixture of yeast, bacteria and sweetened green tea, designer Suzanne Lee produces extremely thin sheets of bacterial cellulose. When wet, they're pliable, and can be shaped into clothing. The seams are simply "sewn" by squeezing two sheets together.
Yes. Clothing made of bacteria. You know, that stuff you spend your Saturday mornings cleaning off your bathroom surfaces. I would have typed up an appropriate zinger, but Mark really has all the snark you need.
This may come as a surprise to some, but mankind is actually very, very good at growing clothing. We call it cotton. Through slightly less direct methods, we call it wool and silk. And if we're really scraping the barrel, feel free to sweep up the floor after my quarterly haircut.
That, of course, could give rise to a new fashion trend ... the "Moe Hair Suit".

Obama's Asshattery Continues

As if this news wasn't bad enough, the Obama administration announced that it's only the beginning of the Federal government's intrusion into state rights.
The Justice Department hasn't ruled out filing a second lawsuit challenging Arizona's immigration law if evidence shows racial profiling at work, Attorney General Eric Holder says.
Ignore the fact that the Arizona law specifically states that law enforcement is not permitted to racially profile. Still, Holder believes Arizona is way off base with this new law.
"The Arizona statute, if you look at the guts of it, really puts in place a whole variety of things that are inconsistent with what we have decided to do as a federal government," Holder said.
Of course the Arizona statute is inconsistent with things the Federal government has decided to do ... which would be nothing at all. The fact that Arizona has been forced to do something due to the Fed's inaction should force Holder (or someone) to re-evaluate the Federal government's response to the immigration problem. Instead, they all chose to bury their heads in the sand. That's right, they've decided to follow The Clancy Doctrine.

At least other state governors are alarmed at the Federal response to Arizona.
Democratic governors expressed "grave" concerns to White House officials this weekend about the Obama administration's suit against Arizona's new immigration law [...]
Thank the gods that some people in authority in this country find this toxic. Way to stick up for Arizona, people.
[...] warning it could cost the party in crucial elections this fall, The New York Times reported late Sunday.
Oh. I'm sorry. I thought for one moment there that you were more concerned about the precedent being set here. I mean, If Obama's Federal government could step all over state rights, wouldn't you think that (maybe, perhaps) a future, enterprising Republican Federal government might think they could do the same? I guess not.

At least the Justice Department is pursuing cases with merit, right?


09 July 2010

Musical Musings: Mario Spinetti And Such

It's been a hot minute since I last wrote about him, but [1/1] is currently playing on my iPod and it got me thinking about Mario Spinetti. I haven't played his EP in a while and almost forgot how much I love it.

That, of course, got me reminiscing about my experiences with Mario and his music.

It got me thinking about my boys (First and Second Brain), how I don't spend enough one-on-one time with Second, and how much I miss First.

It got me thinking about that recording session in NYC and how much I want to do that for a living.

It got me thinking about a good friend of mine who is doing it for a living, how I don't chat with him enough, and how much I miss him.

And it took me back to Mario. While I would never have the conceit to consider myself a good friend (or even a friend), I'm glad to know him. I'm thankful for the few times we did talk. I wish I could know him better. I understand that he is a busy teacher and an even busier entertainer. Still, it would be nice to have a few minutes once a week to catch up with him to see how things are going.

Because he truly is one of the good people and his music is definitely worth the time to check out.

Week-End Reading

Here's some of today's news for you reading enjoyment.
  • Bans are illegal ... except in Virginia: CNN is reporting that a federal judge has ruled that DOMA is unconstitutional "because it interferes with an individual state's right to define marriage". U.S. District Judge Joseph Tauro stated that "irrational prejudice plainly never constitutes a legitimate government interest". This ruling could find state judges striking down state laws banning SSM and thus open the door to a Constitutional Amendment banning recognition for same-sex marriage.

    But in the meantime, some states are finding creative ways to ban SSM. If you wish to be legally recognized as "married" in Virginia, you apparently have to be legally married in Virginia. The Commonwealth apparently will not recognize marriages performed in other states. (Someone should introduce Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli to this little bit of light reading.)
  • Office etiquette: The DC Careers Examiner has a list of five things you shouldn't share at the workplace. I'd like to add a five more items to the list, if I may: flatulence, your spouse's cooking, your political opinions, the latest thing on the internet that you found side-splitting-ly hilarious, and unsolicited stories about your vacation/kids/grandkids/pets.
  • Another step closer to a vaccine: The Wall Street Journal reports on some positive news for people with HIV. According to the article, "U.S. government scientists say they have discovered three powerful antibodies, the strongest of which neutralizes 91% of HIV strains, more than any AIDS antibody yet discovered." But they aren't stopping there. They hope that this new discovery will also help lead them towards a cure for the common cold. (Seriously.)

08 July 2010

Wow! Is Someone Actually Listening?!

Remember this post from a couple of days ago where I expressed dismay at the news of a "big box only" development proposal? It seems that nothing is set in stone quite yet.
"Everything I have heard, there are other pieces to that puzzle, because it couldn't just be a Wal-Mart," [Ward 5 Councilmember Harry] Thomas told Housing Complex after one of his town hall meetings. "You're talking about one big box store on that corner. I don't think that would fit the needs of the residents. ...Whatever it is, I don't think it's going to be a traditional Wal-Mart. No one has signed a deal. What I think you have is Wal-Mart being a potential anchor for Wal Mart [sic] as a mixed-use development there."
Now this alone is good news but it gets even better.
Thomas also mentioned that there are other contenders for the space, naming Lowe’s as a store that could potentially be interested in coming to the District.
I don't really care, honestly, what business anchors the spot so long as the mixed-use opportunity isn't squandered. If we're going to develop the area, let's do it right.

07 July 2010


The Obama Administration recently officially announced that the United States was suing the State of Arizona over its recently passed immigration law. This move was first announced last month by an administration official while on official business in Ecuador.

To say it's raised some eyebrows would be a drastic understatement. In fact, I just read that it's become such a hot potato that the White House is already starting to warm up the "Hope and Change" Bus for another turn around the neighborhood.
The White House has said the decision to challenge Arizona's immigration law was out of its hands, left completely up to Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. and the lawyers at the Justice Department.
Now correct me if I'm wrong but I have always been led to believe that the President sets the agenda and that the President directs his staff to act on issues he wants addressed. But, even eighteen months into his Presidency, I'm willing to give President Obama the benefit of the doubt. I'm sure that if the White House says that Holder is acting on his own, then it must be the case.

*cue dramatic music*

A Convention With A Place To Rest

Thank the gods this is over!
The JBG Cos. and Marriott International have reached an agreement in principle to allow construction to begin on the District's planned $550 million convention center hotel this fall.

The District, with Marriott as a partner, has been trying to build a dedicated convention center hotel since before the Walter E. Washington Convention Center opened in 2003. The project appeared ready to begin last year until JBG, a Chevy Chase-based developer, sued the city alleging an irregular procurement process, halting the project.
The Walter E. Washington Convention Center has been losing business to its closest rival, the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center since the Maryland venue was finished. The Gaylord is larger and, more importantly, has a hotel on the premises. The hotel, more than any other reason, is what has made the Gaylor such an attractive venue. The people at the Washington Convention Center have been screaming for years to have a world-class hotel next door to lure and keep people coming to D.C. instead of running off to other venues.

And now, finally, the District will get competitive again.

Congratulations to everyone involved for doing what's right.

Maybe I Should Be Adrian's Friend, Too

It's no secret that I'm not a fan of Mayor Adrian Fenty. While he has done a fine job of continuing (and finishing) projects begun under the Anthony Williams administration, while he picked his school chancellor wisely, and while his (controversial) choice for Police Chief has been (in my opinion) a decent success, I still think the man is a huckster and the second coming of The Night Owl.

Seriously, D.C., do we honestly need more of the same political crap that made the city a national punchline for most of the past 30 years? I think not. And I hope that, come voting time, you think not too.

Levi Lied? Oh-NOES!

People Magazine is reporting that Levi Johnston is apologizing to the Palin family for saying "things about the Palins that were not completely true".

Wait. What?

You mean this Vanity Fair article could contain fallacies? Are you saying that this UsMagazine.com article might be a tad bit off the straight-and-narrow? Am I to believe that this interview with 70news.com plays with the facts a bit?

Levi Johnston admits lying about the Palin family?!

Why ... I ... I don't know who to believe anymore.

06 July 2010

A Little Geekery

Follow these instructions explicitly:
  1. Go to Google's search site.
  2. Type "How to find Chuck Norris" in the search box.
  3. Click the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button.
Mmm hmm! Tru dat!

"Who Are You?"

"Someone like you. Someone who'll rattle the cages."

I know, I know. Everyone loves Batman. Iron Man's made it good too. Even peons like Dave Lizewski are getting some love. But please, please, PLEASE ... for the love of all that's good and holy in this universe ... do not let this become the next big thing. Because the last thing we need in this world is another arms escalation. And, besides, we already know how well it's gonna play out.

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Federal Money And Attention Spent Wrongly

You have got to be kidding me with this nonsense.
The Justice Department has decided to file suit against Arizona on grounds that the state's new immigration law illegally intrudes on federal prerogatives and will seek a preliminary injunction to stop the legislation from taking effect, law enforcement sources said Tuesday.

The lawsuit, which three sources said could be filed as early as Tuesday, will invoke for its main argument the legal doctrine of "preemption," which is based on the Constitution's supremacy clause and says that federal law trumps state statutes. Justice Department officials believe that enforcing immigration laws is a federal responsibility, the sources said.
You know, they're right on one point - enforcing immigration laws is a federal responsibility ... a responsibility at which the Federal Government is failing miserably.

Arizona has written the law in a way that complements existing federal laws, not replaces them. And anyone with an 8th grade education can see that the Arizona law will not infringe on American's lives, rights, or liberties. It is only those who are in our country illegally who need worry ... and then only if they break the law.

Look, I understand why people want to live and work here. You'll be hard-pressed to find another country that offers the freedoms and the possibility of achieving your dreams that America offers. But we have rules on how one comes here and becomes an American. Many of us have the benefit of birth to American parents on American soil. Some of us have been blessed to have followed the rules and became naturalized Americans. But far too many people are breaking those rules ... spitting in the face of every person who followed our laws and demanding that they be treated the same way.


You want to be an American? You want to be part of our rich national tapestry? You want to partake of our wealth and our freedoms? Then do the right thing ... the hard thing ... and follow our goddamn laws.

As for our Federal Government - shame on you! It is your responsibility to protect our borders and our sovereignty. It is your job to enforce our immigration laws. If you were performing your duties, your citizenry wouldn't have to pass local laws to do what you're supposed to be doing.

Do your goddamn job already!

A Sad Day In District Development

There are more than a fair number of people who are pleased to hear that Wal-Mart is "expected" to sign a lease to open its first store within the District of Columbia. They tout that this will offer more employment in the city and more inexpensive (read: cheap) goods for those with lower incomes. They say that this is a victory for those who feel socially marginalized and who haven't been able to enjoy in the economic bounty that the District has been seeing. To that I guess I can't argue very much.

But I can't help but question whether it's a better deal than what was planned to be there before the economy went belly up.

See, New York Avenue NE is one of the worst roads in the District. It's supposed to be The Grand Gateway into our city from the north. Right now, it's a stretch of desolation, depression, and destruction. And it needs the kind of development that Arbor Place would have brought ... mixed-use development ... to help it become The Grand Gateway that has long been envisioned.

I can't for the life of me understand why housing couldn't be included into a Wal-Mart development. Surely apartments could be added on top of a Wal-Mart. Or surrounding an expansive parking lot of Wal-Mart. Or encasing a parking structure (or two) of Wal-Mart. Certainly, our city officials can find a way to work with Wal-Mart, the Schaeffer's, Abdo Development, and the financial institutions to make lemonade out of this proposed lemon.

Because, seriously, what would you rather see while driving into the District down New York Avenue ... this or this?

02 July 2010

I Don't Know What It Is ...

... but this commercial for AT&T is visually stunning. Now if only I could figure out what they're trying to say.