16 July 2010

Week-End Reading

Here's some of today's news for you reading enjoyment.
  • The house is a-rockin' ...: I'm sure you're heard or read (or felt) all about this morning's excitement by now. The rumblings weren't detected at Diary Central but that might be because The Diarist is a heavy sleeper.
  • New major development in SE living: The Washington City Paper is reporting that the run-down Skyland Shopping Center's days are numbered. The site is currently home to an AutoZone, Blimpie's, CVS, USPS warehouse, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Hill Top Cleaners, New York Fried Chicken, Murry's, Shoe City, Squashallbeefs Sports, Sports Zone, Kelly's Carry-Out, Discount Mart, Field's Music, Beauty World, and Alabama Express Liquor. We'd rather that this hadn't been the Charlie Foxtrot that it's been the past 10 years, but we are glad that Middle River East is finally getting some much needed redevelopment.

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