12 July 2010

Hurray! Sustainable ... Clothing?

Okay, if this doesn't gross you out, then I doubt very much would.
Using a bathtub mixture of yeast, bacteria and sweetened green tea, designer Suzanne Lee produces extremely thin sheets of bacterial cellulose. When wet, they're pliable, and can be shaped into clothing. The seams are simply "sewn" by squeezing two sheets together.
Yes. Clothing made of bacteria. You know, that stuff you spend your Saturday mornings cleaning off your bathroom surfaces. I would have typed up an appropriate zinger, but Mark really has all the snark you need.
This may come as a surprise to some, but mankind is actually very, very good at growing clothing. We call it cotton. Through slightly less direct methods, we call it wool and silk. And if we're really scraping the barrel, feel free to sweep up the floor after my quarterly haircut.
That, of course, could give rise to a new fashion trend ... the "Moe Hair Suit".

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