27 July 2010

A Washington Post Article Causes A Double-Take

The Washington Post published an article today highlighting a local businessman, focusing mostly on his successful *local* chain of gyms. I have several friends who work out at one of his various locations and hear nothing but good things about Vida Fitness so you will get no snark from me over it, him, or this article.

But I did find it a bit comical that someone with intimate knowledge of Near Southeast was ... how to put this ... caught a bit off-guard at the announcement of a new Vida at Navy Yard, The Yards, or anywhere else in the neighborhood for that matter.
Without anything else to go on--and with no neighborhood projects currently touting a 2013 delivery date--we'll just have to wait and see which developer cops to being in talks with Vida.
It will be interesting to see if Mr. von Storch has been in secret negotiations with one of the neighborhood developers to bring a Vida to the area (or if this expansion is as big a surprise to them as well). It certainly would be yet another slap in the face of his soon-to-be-former tenant, who set up shop close to Near Southeast almost ten years ago.

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