29 July 2010

Now You Know Where You Are, Where You Are Going, And What You're Looking At

Gizmodo is my first stop for all news techie. They cover a lot of gearhead ground, from breaking technical news to product reviews to absolute nonsense. And their daily deals post is not to be missed. Contributor Kyle VanHemert posted an exciting item regarding our very own American Museum of Natural History. If you love museums (and specifically this one), this should send a thrill up your leg.
After downloading the app on your own device or borrowing an iPod touch from the museum, you'll find that figuring out where you're going is just the start—you can also let Explorer guide you on preplanned tours or select from a list of exhibits and specimens to plot your own route through the museum.
As one who has been to this museum more times than he can count, I'm very much looking forward to going back and experiencing the American Museum of Natural History anew with this new tool. I certainly hope that the Smithsonian Institution makes more applications like this for some of its other museums that can be a tad overwhelming to slough through (*coughAirandSpaceMuseumcough*).

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