08 July 2010

Wow! Is Someone Actually Listening?!

Remember this post from a couple of days ago where I expressed dismay at the news of a "big box only" development proposal? It seems that nothing is set in stone quite yet.
"Everything I have heard, there are other pieces to that puzzle, because it couldn't just be a Wal-Mart," [Ward 5 Councilmember Harry] Thomas told Housing Complex after one of his town hall meetings. "You're talking about one big box store on that corner. I don't think that would fit the needs of the residents. ...Whatever it is, I don't think it's going to be a traditional Wal-Mart. No one has signed a deal. What I think you have is Wal-Mart being a potential anchor for Wal Mart [sic] as a mixed-use development there."
Now this alone is good news but it gets even better.
Thomas also mentioned that there are other contenders for the space, naming Lowe’s as a store that could potentially be interested in coming to the District.
I don't really care, honestly, what business anchors the spot so long as the mixed-use opportunity isn't squandered. If we're going to develop the area, let's do it right.

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