27 July 2010

It's For My Glaucoma. Really.

It's official, the District has joined fourteen states in legalizing medical marijuana. Well, technically, D.C. made it legal back in May; Congress will make it legal for D.C. to make it legal at the end of the current Congressional session Monday night by opting to do nothing about it.
Medical marijuana is now legal in the District after the Democrat-controlled Congress declined to overrule a D.C Council bill that allows the city to set up as many as eight dispensaries where chronically ill patients can purchase the drug.
So rejoice, you who suffer chronic (or is that cronic?) pain! Take heart, you who are terminally ill (or is that ill?)! But be afeared, those entrepreneurs who might try to make a quick buck because, while possession and use will be permitted with a prescription, growing the ganga will still be illegal.

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