21 October 2011

Music Video Friday: Bohemian Rhapsody By William Shatner Feat. John Wetton

Remember when I said this a couple of years ago? Well, I still stand by what I said about that album and that song wholeheartedly. It would be a shining gem in anyone's music collection.

When I heard that Mr. Shatner was working on a follow-up album, I was cautiously optimistic. Perhaps, I thought to myself, he has learned from Ben Folds how to craft a solid music album built on original songs that play to his vocal strengths, a talented surrounding cast, and a visionary producer that will best utilize his limited talents.

But, Bill, you've quickly eroded any faith I may have had that your previous album was a fluke. Please, PLEASE, tell me that the rest of your new album isn't as nightmare-provoking as this:

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