16 August 2010

Fenty Brings The Big Guns

The Washington City Paper is reporting today that Mayor Fenty is getting some major campaigning help tomorrow in his bid for re-election. The problem is ... nobody in D.C. really cares about the person coming to town.
New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is coming to D.C. tomorrow to help support Mayor Adrian Fenty’s re-election bid, according to a Fenty campaign source.
C'mon now. I mean really. What kind of sway is NYC Mayor Bloomberg going to have here in Our Nation's Capital? He has no ties here. He has no say, direct or indirect, about how our city runs. His only very loose connection is that Mayor Fenty idolizes him.

This reeks of desperation. It's the equivalent of a faltering television show relying on a special guest star appearance to help bolster ratings.

Mr. Mayor, you will have to do much better than this.

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