13 August 2010

New Music Venue In Downtown D.C.?

The Washington Post has a fascinating tidbit in today's online webpage.

First, it's in a sweet location - within walking distance to several Metro stations, in the heart of Tourist Land, and in a very safe part of the city. (You'll notice the Treasury Building at the end of F Street NW.)

Second, there's this:
Meyer envisions a "more adult" music club with a general focus on singer-songwriters. He hopes to book country acts and gospel artists. He hopes to curate free lunchtime concerts. He hopes to host local up-and-comers and marquee veterans.
That's a big deal. Other than an occasional coffee shop, there really aren't any places for singer-songwriters, especially those of the local up-and-comer types, to perform. Which leads us to my next point.

Third, because it sounds like it will be a more intimate space focused on music that may sit just outside of the mainstream, acts such as one of my favorite unheard bands or one of my favorite mostly unheard solo acts might come to D.C. for more than one gig every year or so.

And fourth, pardon my egotistical musings, it could very well get me to get off my tookus and back onto the stage where I belong.

Please, oh please, oh please ... Powers of Righteousness, Keepers of Light, Protectors of Goodliness ... let Mr. Meyer open this venue!

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