09 August 2010

An Unfortunate Situation, A Broken Unspoken Rule

I've been a Metro rider (Metrorail and Metrobus) both during peak and off-peak hours. Never was I ever concerned about safety while on (or in) the Metro system. That is because there has always been an unspoken rule about the Washington D.C. Metro System ... crime stays on the streets and out of public transportation. We, the law-abiding public and the criminal underground, have always had a truce on the rails and in the buses.

Until Friday night.

These kids ... and they were kids, not "young adults" ... broke that truce. They abused the trust of everyone. And they reinforced the reason that D.C. has a curfew law.

They should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and made an example of. Their "parents" need to whoop their asses. This new generation of thugs and bangers need to learn to respect the truce on the Metro system and keep their ghetto actions on the streets.

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