24 August 2010

A New Tool For Accountability (UPDATED)

Do you ride Metro? Are you frustrated with all of the issues Metro has? Do you wish that you could give Metro a visual aid to show its failings? Well, TBD.com is launching a new map tool that will do just that ... provided you give the details. So the next time your station escalator isn't working, or the train is late, or that stupid ticket machine keeps eating your hard-earned cash, don't be timid -- go to the map and lodge your complaint.

Ah, but sorry Metrobus riders. It doesn't seem that you have a voice on this new mapping tool. At least not yet, anyway.

UPDATE: 08/23/2010 12:12: Okay, it so it isn't a map. But it is a step in the right direction for the lower-profiled Metrobus riders.

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