12 August 2010

Here I Come To Save The Day!

I once offered a prayer.

It was not answered.

So I rethought my position. No one has been hurt (as far as I can tell from scouring the Interwebs). The cat is out of the bag and this seems to be something that is going to stay around, regardless of what sane people may think. So I looked at the RLSHs registered on the official website and crunched some numbers. This is what I came up with.

D.C. does not have any superheroes.

Now, if this is going to be a thing, then the greatest city in the world needs at least one RLSH. Utah has four, for Pete's sake! So maybe the District could use an extra hand or two in curbing non-violent crimes.

Not that I'm advocating such a thing.

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