20 August 2010

And This Is Bad How?

There are those leaders who seek consensus and take forever because of endless meetings, in the effort to appear to be doing something when nothing is getting done. Then there are those leaders who seek consensus and get it in a timely manner because the voice of the people is important in governing.

Mr. Gray has been one of the most effective City Council chairmen. He has accomplished this by getting all voices heard and moving toward a resolution that benefits the whole, not just a few. I see no reason why he wouldn't govern as mayor in the same manner. Being deliberative and thoughtful are not bad attributes to have, and Mr. Gray has them in spades ... yet he has also shown that he is not crippled by them. I expect that, if elected mayor, Mr. Gray will bring "order and civility and decorum" to the entire of D.C. government. And wouldn't that be a nice change?

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Tuffie said...

he's got my vote.