09 April 2009

Ah ... Disturbing Commercials I Love ... From Quizno's

A recent status update on a certain social networking site stated the following: "[User Name] is wondering if anyone else finds the Quiznos commercials a tad ... inappropriate?" The commercial to which this user is referring is this one:

It's not the only Quizno's commercial running right now. In fact, it's one of three (from my latest counts) involving the toaster oven and Scott. But watching them reminded me of another Quizno's commercial that was disturbing ... and yet I also loved it:

Again, while this was not the only Quizno's commercial involving the Spongmonkeys, but it was the best.

Or how about this oldie but goodie:

Ah. Good times. But before you think that I'm a fan of all of Quizno's commercials, there was one line of commercials that I just could not stand.

There's something wrong about a talking baby with a smoker's voice. There's something even more gross about a grown woman flirting with a baby.

Am I alone here? What are your favorite or most hated commercials?


Jimmie said...

My favorite commercian can be summed up in two words:


Klaudeman said...

AMEN! Those are some weird and disturbing Quiznos commercials.

Lately, for some strange reason, I get a kick out of the "singing fish" McDonalds commercial and the Cherry Dr Pepper commercial with just a KIIIIIIISSSSSS of cherry!