02 April 2009

Anacostia Rail Delayed Again. Surprise All Around.

Well, this sucks monkey balls.
The District's much-anticipated streetcar project is running behind schedule, pushing plans to run a red-and-gray trolley in Anacostia from late this year to sometime in 2012, officials said.

Apparently, this latest delay was born from the route change.
District officials had planned a 1.3-mile segment between Bolling Air Force Base and the Anacostia Metro station. But D.C. Council member Jim Graham (D-Ward 1) and several community representatives argued that it made little sense to run a city-funded line on a route flanked by a freeway on one side and a military installation on the other. In November, officials announced they were dropping the southern portion to Bolling and extending the route north through downtown Anacostia, along Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue SE to Good Hope Road. The new route would begin at a maintenance facility to be built at Firth Sterling Avenue SE and South Capitol Street.

And those streetcars that have been in storage in the Czech Republic? Don't worry too much about them.
Meanwhile, the Czech manufacturer is conducting monthly maintenance on the streetcars. They are powered up and operated for about 200 yards on tracks in Ostrava, then put back in storage.

It would be nice to have this done sooner rather than later. But that's D.C. for you.

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Anonymous said...

This will have little commercial value to Anacostia if it runs alongside a military installation and a highway.