13 April 2009

Dancing On The Head Of A Pin

Once in a great while, I will experience something so brief as to almost go unnoticed ... a lyric in a song, a scent on a breeze, a glimpse of a color ... that will cause my past and present to merge for one singular moment. In that moment I realize all over again how fantastically, sadly, beautifully, tragically wonderful my life is.

I remember how insignificant I am in this universe. I remember how blessed I am to have people in my life who would argue that fact with me. I remember what I have lost. I remember what I have gained. I remember what brings me joy and what I could do without. I remember my sins and how many of them have gone without atonement. I remember how deeply I have loved. I remember how hotly I have hated. I remember moments I have tried painfully to erase from my memory.

I can clearly see this person that I am and all that has happened to shape me.

And in this one singular moment I know that I am exactly who I am meant to be. In this one singular moment I am completely at peace.

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novadj61 said...

brilliantly written as usual...