01 April 2009

Of Life And Limbs

I told you that I would be opening up more and I am.

I don't like limbs. I don't like being out there on them. I made a decision recently (i.e. within the past six months) that I would no longer allow myself to be left on one by myself.

Limbs are flimsy. Limbs are uncertain. Limbs can break. And you know what's there to stop you when they do? Nothing. What you get is lacerated by the other limbs as gravity takes control. Not fun. Not at all.

And so I won't do it. I won't be the only one to climb out there. I won't be the only one to be left out there. I've done it more times in my life than I care to count ... the one to stick his neck out professionally for a "friend", the one to be in a place personally when other parties are not, the one to volunteer out of some perverse sense of duty and fairness.

I won't be that person any more.

Let me ask you, my faithful readers (and recent folk) ... how many times in your life have you been left out on a limb either because you crawled out there of your own accord, crawled out there because you thought you would be accompanied, or left out there because everyone else crawled back to the trunk? Please share with the class. You may do so anonymously, if you so wish. Inquiring minds want to know.

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