10 April 2009

Spring Cleaning, On The Inside

2009 has been a year of changes. It started with relationships, some ending and some beginning.

Then I quit smoking.

Yes, you read that right. I quit smoking.

Then I joined a kickball league.

Yes, you read that right, too. I joined a kickball league.

A bunch of good friends of mine decided to form a team this year and I was asked to play along. And so I am. Lord knows I need the exercise. Sitting around the house all day is not good for anything, except for getting fat and lazy. Maybe it's just me but I don't think this would look good on me. Not a'tall.

Kickball is very much as I remember it from elementary school ... except that perhaps the ball seems a wee bit smaller than it did back then. You still have to kick the ball, on the ground preferably. You still have to run the bases. You still have to catch the ball. And you still have to dodge the ball. The game is still a blast.

So we had our second practice last night (the first that I could make). While not all of our players were present, twelve of us were. We practiced throwing, catching, and kicking. Then we played a 6-on-6 scrimmage game. I have to say that, based on what I saw last night, we've got a pretty good team. Our defense is pretty darned good, if I do say so myself ... and I did. Our offense, however, needs some work. We kick way too many fly balls and we aren't thinking strategically. But we've planned a few more practices before the first game of the season to iron out the wrinkles and work out the kinks.

So far this year, I'm making good decisions. This is yet another. And I'm glad I decided to do this.

Do I sense a recurring kickball recap coming?

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