18 July 2008

Why I'm Starting To Not Hate why.i.hate.dc

Remember this post from February about a certain website? No? Then read it really quickly.

Done? Okay, I'll wait.

Alrighty then.

It seems "Rusty" has left D.C. to move on to the greener pastures in Columbus, OH. (Stop that snickering!) Like "James F." before him, "Rusty" held a contest to pick the next Hater Of DC. That Hater has turned out to be "Liz". "Liz", it turns out, is an excellent hater. Don't believe me? Compare this final post by "Rusty" with this post by "Liz" on her third day in the Big Chair. Note the difference in language. Note the harsh, abrasive, manic tone of "Rusty" compared to the soft, subtle, almost tender tone of "Liz". (I say "almost tender" because she is, after all, a hater.)

I enjoyed "James F." and even "Rusty" from time to time. I can't say that either of them totally wowed me or won me over with their hate. But "Liz" ... she's a wiley one. She might just make me a fan of why.i.hate.dc yet. (Damn you!)

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