05 February 2008

Why I Hate why.i.hate.dc

Once upon a time, I happened across a blog site. This blog site was written by a fellow tagged "James F." and he dedicated his corner of the web to being critical of the District. What made his blog readable was his sense of humor, his wry observations, and his wit. More often than not his tirades pissed me off (because I happen to love D.C.) yet I could not help but chuckle at his posts.

"James F." has since moved on to other places (Seattle, to be specific) and, after an extensive auditioning period, he passed his mantle on to a new blogger. This new blogger, "Rusty", would maintain the venom, wit, and humor that readers had come to expect from the blog site, "James F." reassured his readers.

"Rusty" is the anti-"James F.", as it turns out. He has no sense of humor. His posts lack wit. Most of the time, "Rusty" displays the cynicism that often creeps into District transplants after a few years.

why.i.hate.dc has become quite painful to read. It seems that "Rusty" posts just to have something to complain about, without applying any time to find the humor in things that "James F." showed. A good example would be the most recent post about the Washington Post employees who are currently running a campaign against the paper to shame it into acting fairly in regards to wages, raises, and pensions. "Rusty" is upset about how the Farragut North Metro Station is plastered with WashingtonPostUnfair.com advertisements. That's it. No snarky comments. No sharp retorts. Just wholesale bitching. A missed opportunity, if you ask me (which you didn't).

How is that remotely entertaining?

Most of the comments on the site since "Rusty" took over have been about how the site has gone downhill and how "Rusty" should just shut up. Personally, I think "Rusty" should keep blogging. Cry-baby whining aside, he does point out some things that should be pointed out.

But I also think he should spend a day watching this man to see how complaining should be done.

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Anonymous said...

Lewis Black is sharp alright...but he gives me a headache when he screams. -lol I'm like "Dude, you can make the same point without having to screech like a howler monkey!" -lol