15 February 2008

Like, Total Randomness, Y'know?

  1. I am treated far too kindly by people who barely know me.
  2. I love my ex and am saddened that we find ourselves where we are today.
  3. There is too much unsettlement in my life at the moment.
  4. Waiting for other things to happen so I can proceed sucks (and not in a good way).
  5. Mario Spinetti rocks my socks. (Hey, Mario, where's the full-length album already?)
  6. I still hate exercising. Cardio sucks. (But waiting still sucks more.)
  7. Jim Zorn? Okay, if you say so. We'll see how that works out. At least I have something to be excited about right now.
  8. I'm already hoping that Obama wins the White House so that, after his first veto, I can start using my newly coined term ... Barak-ade©! (As in, the latest bill passed by Congress was Barak-aded© by the White House.)

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