01 February 2008

Rainy Day Metro (Or, My Underwater Adventure)

I take Metrobus to and from work every day. When probable, I take Metrobus to get into the city proper. I do this for three different reasons:
  1. It saves gas and wear-and-tear on my car.
  2. The Metrorail station is too far to walk.
  3. A Metrobus stop is right in front of my building.
I generally don't have any complaints about the bus. It's been fairly reliable (although a bit erratic during non-rush hours) and, in my experience, been fairly clean and safe.

But the ride home from work today was different. My bus was ... how shall we say ... not up to snuff. I understand that Metrobus funding, even more so than Metrorail funding, leaves much to be desired. I understand that some buses in the Metrobus fleet are a bit long in the tooth. But when, on a rainy day such as today, the bus is leakier than the Bush Administration ... well, I think it's time to retire that bus.

I submit to you the following for evidence:

Notice how the metal bar is rusted and pulling from the roof. This, my friends, is the breach in the bus. This is the origin of the waterfall. This is dangerous.

See that white streak along the left side of the blue roof (near the hand hold)? Water!

I know what you're thinking. So what? So water's dripping from the ceiling. At points it was just dripping. At other points it was ... um ... more than dripping. Which leads us to ...

These seats were across-ish from me. Both seats, if you look closely, have pools of water in them. I counted about 11 seats on the bus with such pools of water, making them unusable. This bus had 1/3 of the seats unusable on a busy bus during rush hour. Unacceptable!

And just so that you can see more clearly for yourselves, here, my final exhibit, is a closer look at one of these seats.

This was one of the smaller pools. You would seriously need a squeegee and a beach towel to dry these seats off enough to make them useable for passengers.

Seriously, Metro, let's do something about this, huh? I know Metrorail gets most of the love, but you've got a large ridership on Metrobus too. How's about you not forget about us people either?


Sarah said...

Good documentation -- since you took the time to write this post I hope you jotted down the bus number and have already contacted WMATA. They actually do follow up quite well in my experience.


If you don't follow up, you can add yourself to the thousands of metro riders that complain and complain but never try to do anything about it!

Good luck,

The Diarist said...

Thanks for your comment, sarah. Yes, I did inform Metro of the issue. Like I said in the post, I've not generally had any problems with Metro's services and, unlike some people, I'm confident that they'll handle it.

sarah said...

I am really glad to hear that :)

Hopefully you've sparked some positive action!