26 February 2008

All I Wanted Was A Cup O' Joe

How difficult is it to make coffee? For some people, it's difficult enough that it requires three hours of additional training.


Here, I'll make it simple for you.
      Coffee Instructions:

      1 12-cup filter drip coffee maker.
      1 coffee filter.
      12 cups of cold water.
      4 tablespoons of ground coffee beans, not instant.

      1. Open lid.
      2. Place coffee filter into coffee maker filter basket.
      3. Pour ground coffee into coffee filter.
      4. Pour water into coffee maker water reservoir.
      5. Close lid.
      6. Make sure that pitcher is placed securely underneath the drip.
      7. Turn on coffee maker.
      8. When coffee has finished dripping into pitcher, serve hot in coffee mug. Add sweetener and creamer to taste.

        Total time = 10 minutes.

There. Now you know more than some people.


Aris said...

Um, that's way too little coffee there. I would do at least 10 tablespoons for a whole carafe. 4 is like water.

I talked to some baristas today and they said they enjoyed the training. I think it was just an excuse for a company party.

The Diarist said...

Well, I don't particularly like to chew my coffee. I prefer mine to be a bit on the lighter side.

Jennifer said...

4 Tbs doesn't make coffee...it makes coffee flavored water. We use 3/4 of a cup in the Paris house.

Who Is Tuffie said...

well i have to contest Jen, the diarist always made a perfect pot of coffee in my books