30 July 2008

Political Debates

I ran several blogs before starting The District Diaries. Each of them was very political in nature and covered my opinions about, well, everything political. I shut each of them down and erased all traces of their existence for the same reason every time ... I hate debating politics. It is a frustrating exercise in futility. It stresses me out. It exhausts the hell out of me. And I won't do it anymore.

See, politics to people is on that same personal plane as religion. People hold on to what they want to believe and who they want to embody what they want to believe very strongly. And trying to sway someone's mind on a politician or on a political position, for the most part, is akin to trying to sway their hearts on religious matters. You'd do better to punch a bull in the nuts.

I will continue to post my opinions about politics and politicians. But I will not have a debate over any of it. You are free to post your own thoughts on your own blog. And, as always, the Comments is available to you to voice your opinion, so long as those opinions do not directly attack me or any of my readers.

But if you try to drag me into a fight my only responses will be " ... " or "okay".

That is all.


The Knowledgemonger said...

"You'd do better to punch a bull in the nuts."


That is by far the best way to describe it.


Tuffie said...

did you have some type of Prada one when you wrote this blog, because that's both smart and sexy! ^_^


what's politics? :)