15 July 2008

Random Music: "Disco Friends" by Just Jack

I was introduced to the music of my latest subject by Peanut First Brain. Jack Allsopp, a.k.a. Just Jack, is a British performer who doesn't quite fit into a particular musical genre. At times he's very Hip-Hop. At other times, he's old school Groove. Take another listen, and he's straight Pop.

Today, we're focusing on a song from his sophomore album Overtones. A read through the lyrics should make the meaning fairly clear, but in case you're having some trouble understanding, you can get it straight from the horse's mouth at SongFacts.

I know a few people like this ... the ones who are pushing forty yet still dress and behave as if it's 1994, they are still twenty-three, and raves are thriving. Sad cases trying desperately to hold onto their youth in the most embarrassing ways possible.

The song, however, is no sad case. It starts a bit tragic, just like the subject. But it has a funky, low-key groove. And the synthesized vocal in the chorus is pretty sweet (although I have absolutely no idea what it's saying).

See if you can't help but sway in your seat as you check out this tune.

Disco Friends - Just Jack

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Anonymous said...

Aaaand 5 years later - someone was wondering the same thing...What is he saying? The best I could decipher is the following:

"Music - got to keep on pushin' gonna take it to the top
Everybody just starts to sweat now get it on and come on back down again"

In the last series of the synthesized part I think he says "Tell me girl - I won't say it again"