09 July 2008

A Short Play: "An Apology Would Have Been Nice"

Scene: Nationals Park, Section 141, Row H, Seats 28 & 27.

Players: 40ish male, 30ish male, 60ish female, 8ish child

Two males are sitting their seats, mid-conversation. Female and child walk down aisle and stand in aisle just behind Seat 28.

Female to herself: "I bought these season tickets months ago." She leans on railing without directly addressing the two males.

Male in aisle seat turns to female. Female repeats, "I bought season tickets months ago. Seats 27 and 28."

Second male takes out his season ticket and shows it to the female. "What section?"

Female responds, "Section 142."

Second male clarifies, "This is Section 141. Section 142 is back there." Second male points behind him to other section.

Female, "No this is 142. I've been sitting here all year."

Second male replies, "No ma'am. 140 is in front of me. This is 141. 142 is back there."

Female walks to top of section, checks the aisle signage, calls the child to her, then walks to her seats.

End Scene.


The Knowledgemonger said...

Is she a Frozen Bar regular?


The Diarist said...

First Male didn't know what was going on. After Female walked away and Second Male posted this blog, Second Male told First Male, "If she had started out with 'excuse me but I think these are our seats' or if she had apologized when she realized she was wrong, this blog post would never have been written."

Some people are just rude.

Tuffie said...

and stupid apparently.


Basilio Q Bocalan Jr said...

I think she was far too deep in her mistake to even make an effort to apologize. Pride hurts! -lol

I more than likely would've gone up to where she was sitting and spoke to her about her awful manners...if not for the sake of a learning experience for the child who's with her.

"See kid, this is why you should never be rude to people cause you might find yourself mistaken and end up making a total ASS of yourself!"

I'd say bitch but hey, there's a kid present.

The Diarist said...

I thought about speaking to her about it, but Tracey talked me out of it.