24 July 2008

Next Weekend's Musical Affairs - A Few Promotions

Next weekend, the first weekend of August, will prove to be a very musicalicious time to be had by all participating.

First, if you recall, Friday 01 August is TOWN's talent contest. $1000 will be awarded to the winner of this monthly competition. Don't you have a talent you've been dying to show the world? Don't you want $1000 dollars? Then contact TOWN (info@towndc.com) and get in on this.

Second, I spoke more than once about an artist who hails from the New York City area. Mario's music is emotional and moving (in many senses of the word) and just plain fantastic. And on Sunday 03 August at 1800 (that would be 6 PM), he will be performing a FREE show at the Kennedy Center Millenium Stage. This, I believe, will be his first-ever performance in Washington, D.C.! And we don't want it to be his last. So all you fans out there really need to come and show him some love ... and bring a few friends as well. You and they will not be disappointed.

Third, after the Mario concert ... since you're in the area ... you should come join me at Cobalt's Sunday Night Karaoke. It's the perfect venue to relax a bit, kick back a few drinks, jaw with the friends, listen to some more awesome singing, and (if you've had enough liquid courage) sing a number or two yourself. We have a brand new shiny bar space and a brand new shiny karaoke system ... but the same old dull hosts. The door opens at 2030 (that would be 8:30 PM) and the show starts at 2100 (that would be 9 PM), if all is well. Am I laying it on a bit thick? I certainly hope so. We've worked hard to make a safe, fun, laid-back environment and we want you to enjoy it. So do come.

What are you waiting for? Break out those dayplanners (or smartphones or granite tablets) and put these events on your calendars!

That is all.

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Tuffie said...

looking forward to seeing him live and NOT singing at SNK! i'll leave that to the professionals, of which, i am not one!