27 May 2008

Random Music: "Resurrection" by Mario Spinetti

I've written, briefly, about the artist featured this week. Of the six songs on Mario Spinetti's current EP, [1/1], my favorite song is "Resurrection".

Again, the artist doesn't spell out what the song means so it is left up to each listener's interpretation. To see what is being sung, check the lyrics on Mario's MySpace blog. (It is possible that MySpace is blocked at your employment site. You may have to wait until you get home.)

To me (because I couldn't tell you what it means to anyone else ... duh), the song speaks to wanting to give up yet soldiering on. Everyone I know, including myself (if you haven't been paying attention up 'til now), has moments when life seems too hard, when the weight of duties and expectations seem too heavy, when all we want to do is crawl into a hole and die. But something stronger calls to us ... whether that be rediscovered inner light, the calming salve of a friendly word, bone-headed stubbornness, whatever ... that gives us the strength to stand up again, dust off the caked-on crap, and forge ahead.

This song is on a heavy rotation on my playlist. I hope you find inspiration in it as well. (And that you discover a love for Mario, too.)

Resurrection - Mario Spinetti

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Tuffie said...

that is one of my faves by mario, it's very uplifting and always makes me smile when the music starts and then i sway around while gripping a handrail on Metro with my eyes closed lip singing along (cuz you know i can't carry a tune to save my life) and forget where i'm at remembering too late and then open my eyes to see people staring at my like i just sprouted horns and dragon horns.

awwwww good times on the Metro.

kudos to you for sharing a great song/artist with the world.

i know i'm happy i bought his album on iTunes. When You Say My Name is still my top fave, it stirrrrrrrs my soul!