28 May 2008

Multiracial In America

MSNBC posted an article today addressing multiracial Americans and how Mr. Obama's race for the Presidency has drawn more focused attention to them.

My reaction to this article is simple ...

... multiracial Americans have been around since the first generation of natural-born Americans.

What? Just because the majority of multiracial Americans now have more white features than the "modern multiracial movement" iteration means that we don't count?

I call shenanigans.

America is a multiracial nation filled with multiracial citizens. Always has been. Always will be. Articles like this do nothing to bring us more together. It is just another way to divide us.


Basilio Q Bocalan Jr said...

Sensationalism for the sake of ratings! This is why I hate the press!!!


Well, last night while watching MSNBC however, John and I witnessed Olberman apologize over statements his show made about McCain's camp...so that in itself is commendable...so I like Olberman. Unlike someone from Fox (ahemOReillyahem) who I don't think have not once of journalistic integrity as to admit when they're wrong and apologize.

In the immortal words of Rufus Wainwright
"Oh what a world we live in"


The Knowledgemonger said...

Kudos for the wiki link to Shenanigans


Tuffie said...

i mirror KM's hit on the wiki link

isn't that site just redic?

i kingdom when you can wiki anything in midair


but, back on topic. as a multiracial American i think that article and the play on the Obamatron are total and utter bullshit

we've all got a little bit of this in that in our gene pools and its high time we accept we're all mutts...albeit some of us mixed better than others, but that's not our fault...i blame Jesus

Mmmm cake mix


Basilio Q Bocalan Jr said...

*laughs sarcastically at Tuffie

It's always about food with you isn't it?