26 May 2008

Twitter And Insomnia

Damn you, Tuffie!

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Tuffie said...

um, why are you damning me???

i thought it was a nice blog

we had good beer

tasty half smokes

i thanked you a number of times for taking me to my first Nats game and 'educating' me as only you can

we won the game *even if you tossed around bad luck when i left so the Brewers could tie it up 6 to 6* ^_^

so i wonder

could it be that you're now ADDICTED to the amazing fun yet easy to use program that is Twitter???

Hmmmmm, i think that's a yes

look at the good i do

kudos me


i'm so going to track you! Muah ha ha ha ha ha *coughs up some rice from lunch* ha ha ha ha!