11 July 2008

Dear Apple,

I love your products. Honestly. I boast of your goodness to anyone who will listen. You're almost a religion to me. Which is why it hurt me in my soul that you let me down today.

See, I have the original iPhone. (Which I love. Did I mention that I love your products?) Yesterday I upgraded iTunes to Version 7.7 in anticipation of the new iPhone software. Today you released iPhone 2.0 software. Color me tickled pink! (Okay ... don't. Pink isn't a good color on me.) Like a good lemming, I upgraded. (All good lemmings should upgrade.)

Oh, wait.

All good lemmings did upgrade! Which is why my iPhone was a brick for FOUR HOURS until it could connect to your iTunes Store!!!

Guys. Seriously. I understand that everyone wants your stuff. But maybe, perhaps, if you can find it in your collective heart ... next time you do something as massive as release new hardware and software ON THE SAME DAY ... maybe, perhaps, you can ensure that you have the capacity to handle the crush of cyber-people who will be trying to get the latest-and-greatest.

I don't like having my faith shaken.

Your Blind Follower,
The Diarist


Tuffie said...

i couldn't have said it better

having my broken iPhone for most of the day, and then having the install get all jacked up and having to jump through like 50 hoops in order to figure out how to simply restore the fucker was NOT FUN!

but i love the update and now that my babe is working i couldn't be happier!

so when we buying the new 3G's???


James said...

Dear Diarist,

You and I are good friends. I love your music. I boast of your goodness to anyone who will listen.

Sorry you and many others' phones were bricked for a while on Friday. I understand the frustration involved, and it shouldn't have happened, and I see why you'd vent.

But see, I am also very close friends with an iPhone software engineer, and an iTunes SysAdmin, both with whom I formerly worked for more than 5 years, and both are much more familiar with the issues encountered on Friday than you or me. But I happen to know from them that the problem was not an Apple capacity issue. In fact, to blame Apple at all is a fallacy, because they were more than prepared for the 'crush of cyber-people'. It was an issue (perhaps capacity) with ATT's registration API's with which the iTunes servers communicate. As you may not know, even older iphones being upgraded had to be re-registered with ATT on the back-end, which is why your older phone was also affected by the ATT registration situation.

So be careful who you go pointing the finger at. It's easy to get carried away when we assume things, especially when we're upset. You and God know I do all too often, but I think I'm finally learning. ;)