18 July 2008

Yet Another Reason Why I Do Not Support Barack Obama

I understand that Charles Krauthammer is a right-wing pundit. This post in no way supports him or his positions, in general, because I generally don't. But, in my opinion, he is spot on in his Op-Ed column today about Senator Obama.

I have yet to know for what Senator Obama stands and for what he will fight ... other than his own hubris and his own rise to the highest office in the land.


Aris said...

And who are you going to vote for? Mr. "Let's pander to the oil companies and corporations who use child labor while at the same time shitting on the gays because it's in our party platform"?

The RIght is running out of arguments. And for what it's worth, I've seen Bill Clinton in front of the Brandenburg Gate (at World Cup 2006). At least he and Obama can speak in complete English sentences!! The Reupblicans are scared because George's fake folksy schtick just ain't working anymore.

Yes kids, George Walker Bush isn't really a Texan. He's a Connecticut prep school kid. Bet ya didn't know that, didn't ya?

The Diarist said...

That's quite a rant there, Aris. I'm sure that you realize that there are more than two candidates for POTUS. Or perhaps you are such a slave to the media that you haven't done your own research on the various candidates and their platforms?

Aris said...

I know there are more than 2 candidates, but the media is such a slave to the two party system that no one will ever hear about them unless it's a big name like Perot or Nader. And even then, what are the chances of either of them winning?

I'm hardly a staunch Democrat, but the GOP is a danger to our future peace, prosperity, and the environment. I will do everything (within reason) to prevent them from keeping power. If it means voting for a mediocre Democratic candidate, so be it. I think things can only get better with Obama.

The Diarist said...

While I do not argue that the current administration has made a nice mess of things, I cannot blindly support someone whose policy positions are about as clear as a Paula Abdul critique.