26 March 2009

Send Him To Jail Already

Anyone who knows me knows that I am no fan of Marion Barry. It makes my blood boil that he's still in "public service". He has singlehandedly done more harm to my city than possibly any other person or persons involved in politics. If it hasn't been his race-baiting and populist trickery, it's his "recreational activities". And if it's not that, it's his laziness as a citizen. The man should not be entrusted to "serve" the people.

Today, we learned how much Barry owes in back taxes ... over $277,000! What was his response? It was essentially "stop saying mean things about me".

If this were you or I (or even those hated Wall Street fat cats), we would be jailed quicker than you can say "tax cheat".

Hell, now that I think about it, the best way to get a "get out of tax-jail free" card is to be a politician.

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