24 March 2009

Random Music Tuesdays: "C-lebrity" by Queen + Paul Rodgers

In 1991, Queen lost their bigger-than-life frontman, Freddie Mercury, to AIDS. During the rest of the 1990's, the band put out various compilations, re-releases of albums, and various other performances with other artists.

Bassist John Deacon decided enough was enough and retired from music in 1997. Still, the final two members, guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor, believed that the band wasn't finished saying what it had to say. So, in 2004, they teamed up with singer Paul Rodgers to perform with them at the band's induction into the UK Music Hall of Fame. The chemistry felt right for all involved and they set out for a world tour.

In 2008, the band, newly dubbed Queen + Paul Rodgers, released an album of new material. If you're expecting Queen of the 1970s - 1990's, you will be sorely disappointed. If you're expecting a Bad Company sound, you will be sorely disappointed. What was born out of this collaboration is a mixture of the two ... the hard-rocking theatrics of Queen with the gritty blues rock of Paul Rodgers. It's a combination that shouldn't work but does (mostly). The song featured in today's Random Music is one of my favorites and probably the hardest rocking song on the album.


C-lebrity - Queen + Paul Rodgers

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