30 March 2009

Gird Your Loins And Don Your Thinking Caps

Any longtime reader of The District Diaries will remember my post from last year about The Post Hunt. Take a moment to read it, if you haven't already. I'll wait.

Back? Oh. Okay.

Ah, good. Welcome back.

Well, hallelujah and amen, boys and girls, it begins again!
The Hunt Returns!
Get ready for another wild, wacky afternoon of brainteasing puzzles in Washington, D.C.

When & Where
May 17, Noon-5 p.m., Rain or Shine
Starts at Freedom Plaza (14th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, NW). Puzzles take place throughout downtown D.C.

So, where my peeps at? Are we up for tackling this again this year? Bring it on!


The Knowledgemonger said...

I am in! So much fun was had last year that I have been looking forward to this since then. :-)

Jimmie said...

I wanna play! Can I play?