10 March 2009

Random Music Tuesdays: "Let The Good Times Roll" by Chuck Brown and Eva Cassidy

Today's Random Music is focusing on a pairing of two of D.C.'s finest.

In 1992, a powerfully talented young singer was introduced to "The Godfather of Go-Go". This unlikely duo went on to record the album The Other Side, a collection of jazz, blues and soul standards, some of which were recorded live. The whole album is a gem, particularly because of how well it showcases Brown's rich, soulful baritone and Cassidy's emotive soprano.

I've chosen the first song on the disc because it has almost everything I require from a song: horns, drums, guitar, powerful vocals, and singers simply having a good time. It is hardly the best song on the album - there are a couple others that tug at the soul (as all good jazz and blues should do). I recommend that you do yourself a huge favor - buy this album and play it until you wear the electrons out.

Let The Good Times Roll - Chuck Brown And Eva Cassidy

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