02 June 2008

Since I'm Awake - Ten Random Thoughts

  1. Insomnia is evil and needs to be destroyed. Where's the government funding for this project?
  2. Feelings and emotions are necessary elements of life. But it doesn't mean I have to like them.
  3. "Notes From The Frozen Bar" on The Knowledgemonger's site is an absolute Must Read!
  4. Dance music doesn't have the same affect outside of the nightclub.
  5. Did I mention that insomnia sucks?
  6. Sharing feelings and emotions is even worse than having them. I mean, c'mon, who wrote these rules? Isn't there an annual peer review process?
  7. "Hey, hey ... we're da Monkees. People say we monkey 'round. What of it?"
  8. Insomnia. Yeah.
  9. Having music playing in a vehicle that all passengers can hear is an absolute necessity.
  10. I'm not one to wax poetic or drop clich├ęs but. Love is a rare resource in this world. Share it when you have it. Recognize it when you see it. Accept it when you feel it.


The Knowledgemonger said...

Insomnia does suck. Emotions are tricky. Shout outs are always cool.

Monkee see Monkee do :-)

Basilio Q Bocalan Jr said...

This sounds deeply rooted. I think it's time to see a professional. Go to a shrink.

When pipes are broken, have a plumber fix it. When the brain is, have a shrink help.


Tuffie said...

sorry to hear you're still not sleeping well