12 June 2008

Pride! What Is It Good For?

My apologies to Edwin Starr but, during Pride Week here in the District, the question needs to be asked. What is the point of this week-long celebration of all things gay?

The homosexual community has become more fragmented and can't seem to agree on anything.

HIV/AIDS is still among us, still claiming lives.

Homosexuals are more visible now than they've ever been.

Pride festivities have devolved into fetish- and stereotype- filled parties where the most negative aspects of the community are on display.

What is there to be proud about?

I wish I knew. At one point in time, Pride Week was a time to show solidarity to the world. It was a time to stand for causes, to push for equality, to demand the same protections afforded to other targeted groups.

Now? I don't know. I certainly can't see a point to any of it. Maybe it's because I've seen where things were and where they are. Maybe it's because I'm just getting old and jaded and comfortable. Maybe it's because I could be right.

Would someone tell me? Pride ... what is it good for?


Basilio Q Bocalan Jr said...

I celebrate Pride like most would celebrate Independence Day. It commemorates Stone Wall and that moment in time when all over the world we finally stood up to the discrimination that befall all GLBT people. That's what Pride Week is for, and it's what most forget as you've clearly pointed out with all the proclivities and outlandish displays of superficiality.

It's a sad state, still it's better than nothing. At least we are at liberty to do such things now, so I just count my blessings.

Tuffie said...

its good for nothing

just another excuse for the gays to go out, drink more excessively (if that's even possible) than normal, do drugs, and party all in the name of a united community that is anything but united

i will do my part and will go out but for me, it's just another weekend with more gays out than normal