24 June 2008

Random Music: "Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey" by The Beatles

Let's see how long this post stays up before the strong arm of Apple Corps LTD slams down on me.

This song is one of the lesser known entries in The Beatles' catalog. (I'm not providing a link to The Beatles. If you don't know who they are, shame on you.) It's taken from their double album The Beatles, which is more widely known as "The White Album". What makes it stand out from any other recording The Beatles had ever made is its funky 1970's dance groove (pushed mostly by Paul's funky bass line and that powerful cowbell). What makes it stand out from any other recording ever, and so it's place here today, is that it was released in 1968. Just goes to show, yet again, how progressive and groundbreaking the band was and why they will always be the greatest rock band in history.

I prefer that songs-of-no-sense be left that way. I like songs like this one, with words that can be interpreted any way the listener chooses, to be left that way ... open to interpretation. Well, John had to go and ruin it with an explaination:
In 1980, Lennon said: "That was just a sort of nice line that I made into a song. It was about me and Yoko. Everybody seemed to be paranoid except for us two, who were in the glow of love. Everything is clear and open when you're in love. Everybody was sort of tense around us: You know, 'What is she doing here at the session? Why is she with him?' All this sort of madness is going on around us because we just happened to want to be together all the time."


I'd rather think that it really was about your standard drug induced spiritual mumbo-jumbo that was all the rave at that time (again pioneered by The Beatles).

That and monkeys.

Everybodys Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey - The Beatles

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