19 June 2008

District Two-Fer - Three?

I just posted today a couple District-related stories. "One-Fer" covered Mayor Marion Bar ... I mean ... Adrian Fenty's (I really should get that name right) District-taxpayers-funded campaigning for Senator Barack Obama's Presidential bid.

WTOP is now reporting that Mayor Fenty is rethinking his position on making us foot the bill.
Fenty says he will review his policy.

"The citizens of the District of Columbia have my commitment that we will review everything we're doing, compare it to what other big city mayors do and compare with what governors do. And if it is not following what those big city mayors are doing, then we'll make an adjustment."

Here's an adjustment for you, Mr. Mayor. You seem to be keen on opposing spending public money on ballparks, hotels, and other such projects which actually help your constituents because you say that these people have enough money and should spend their own if they want it done.

Why do you have to review, compare, and adjust when it comes to a Presidential candidate? Maybe you missed the news when Senator Obama was breaking fundraising records. Or maybe you were too busy today playing lackey for a position on Obama's Administration doing the people's work to notice that he opted out of public financing today. Sounds to me like the man has enough money to cover your tab.

So here's the easy and right answer, Mr. Mayor. The District will be refunded from the Obama campaign coffer the over-$50,000 you have spent campaigning for Senator Obama. All future campaigning you do for the good Senator will be paid for by the Senator's campaign coffer.

Quit brown-nosing on our dime!

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Tuffie said...

so....why are you not the Mayor of DC???

you really should be

you'd rock